Recovery and Blessings to be Counted

Ihave missed you and missed being in this spot where we raise our voices in prayer together.

As most of you know, I had total knee replacement surgery on August 11.  I have had good days and bad days--highs and lows--ups and downs--victories and defeats.

One of the good things is--the range of motion in my knee is better than my last knee surgery.

I painted for the first time since surgery three or four days ago--the sunflower picture above is the first one.

I have really disappointed myself during this recovery in many ways--being jealous and envious of those who are able to do all the things that I am not able to do--the enemy comes in and tries to make me feel sorry for myself--

of almost every person and activity I notice------------the knees are working-------and mine aren't!

Do I notice that the eyes are working and mine are also?

Do I notice that the ears are working and mine are too?

Do I notice a thousand different parts of the human body that are functioning properly and mine as well?

No, when we give in to the enemy we only notice where we are lacking.

God forgive me.  Please forgive me.

I have so very much to be thankful for and well I know that.  Even though I don't think of it as my best, I know that some of you would love to be able to paint a sunflower picture--I don't take that for granted.

I don't take for granted that I am NOT one of the refugees struggling through Europe right now or one of so many persecuted Christians throughout the world.

Yes, my struggles are so small compared to so many and that is why it is good to count our blessings.

Praying for you today--that you will not be defeated by the schemes of the enemy.

And praising God for the miraculous things He has done.

Psalm 8:1
O LORD, our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! who hast set thy glory above the heavens.


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Gayle said…
I'm so glad to hear you are recovering well and painting again. The picture is lovely, and I'm one of those wishing I could paint, too. It's human nature to focus on what we lack instead of what we have, but God understands that, and he is full of mercy and goodness. Praying for a speedy recovery and many more paintings!
Nancy said…
It certainly sounds like you have faired better with this one than the last and I am so glad. It's hard to be down and not able to do the simple tasks you once accomplished with ease. I had knee surgery in July and I can certainly understand where you are coming from with "the pity me"....I had several myself. We missed a trip to Israel and that was an open door for the enemy. But God is faithful and He kept me company as I am sure He did you...Your painting is beautiful and yes you really have a treasured gift. Hugs sweet friend....
Thank you, Gayle, for your sweet encouragement. I so need His mercy and goodness all the time.
Missing a trip to Israel would be the height of disappointment for me--I've never been and would love to go. Nancy, you are always uplifting me--thank you so very much!

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