Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem III and Vietnam

Praying for the peace of Jerusalem is such a great privilege as well as our Christian responsibility.

 We are reminded several times in the Bible to pray in this way.  One of them is found in Psalm 122:6.

 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.

I am grateful for the privilege of continuing what I hope to be a long tradition here on my blog--the faithful prayers from God's children lifted to Him for the peace of Jerusalem.

I also wanted to include one other country each week to pray for--This week my heart is especially connected to Vietnam.


We come before you today to ask your blessings on Jerusalem and all of Israel.

We pray that in the days ahead you will burden our hearts more and more for Israel and teach us how to pray.

In your Word we are told to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and we know that you are peace--the only true peace comes from you--

We pray that you would protect Israel from those who would want to destroy her, who would want this country wiped from the face of the map.

When her enemies stretch forth their bows, may their arrows fall short--Psalm 58:7b

And not only that, Lord, but we pray that her enemies would have miraculous encounters with you--we pray that You would make Yourself real to them in visions and dreams, in encounters that we cannot even imagine.

And Vietnam, Lord, please bless the people of Vietnam today. Let your blessings flow unbounded, may many come to know You, even today.

Thank you so much for the readers of this blog from that part of the world. Be gracious and compassionate towards them, Lord, and enrich their lives abundantly with the knowledge of You.

Thank you for the power of prayer.

All things we ask in the name of Jesus,


I have scheduled this post so by the time it is published I should be through with my surgery and on the road to recovery.  I look so forward to getting back with you.

Some of the posts may seem repetitive but I think the prayers we will be praying will have eternal significance.  What an honor and a responsibility to pray.

Yesterday in Sunday School class we were reading and studying the 5th chapter of Revelation.  All of the chapter is incredible as you can tell by listening to this--


But one of my very favorite verses is Revelation 5:8.  I want to fill those bowls up with my prayers.


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