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More Than Watchmen

After some research about a watchman's duties and reading more passages of scripture concerning watchmen, I knew I wanted to place myself in the watchman's shoes and see what my thoughts were.  The following is what I wrote.


I prepare for the night ahead. 
The darkness here in the desert can be quite cold--
I cocoon myself in future warmth, 
layer after layer of protective covering 
anticipating the deepest, the most penetrating bone-cold winds 
sweeping across the vast spaces of my soul. 
The night will be long, 
 I've served this shift before
 and the moments, the minutes, the hours 
 pass as winter sap from the tree-- 
 I look ever so often to the eastern horizon 
 Waiting for the faintest sparkle of the tourmaline sky, 
I pace from one end of my post to the other, 
 Ever on the lookout for trouble, 
for any sign of the enemy. 
 At times my heart beats like the flap of the eagles wings 
 Once it's spotted prey-- 
 The night brings not so familia…

As a Christian How Should I Handle Persecution?

Ibelieve from study of the scripture that as Christians we can expect persecution at times.

 I don't have time or room enough for background study on this today but you can do your own, if you like--run some references and see if you agree. 

In John 16:33, Jesus tells his disciples--"In this world you will have trouble. But take heart for I have overcome the world."

And in 1 Peter 4:12-13 we read--"Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened to you. But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings, that, when His glory shall be revealed, you may be glad also with exceeding joy."

Scripture makes it clear that he is referring to sufferings for the cause of Christ, not things we have brought upon ourselves through unwise choices or ungodly living.

First of all, we are to take heart. 

To me that means to be encouraged, to lift up my head in His name.

Many hours could be …

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

On Wednesdays, I would like for our focus to be on praying for the peace of Jerusalem. Wondering how to pray? Psalm 122 is a good help.

Yesterday, I wrote about how important reading the Psalms all the way through each month is to me.

I read five Psalms each day--

the pattern is

August 2 I will read

Psalm 2, Psalm 32, Psalm 62, Psalm 92, and Psalm 122--It is truly amazing how the Psalms tie in together when read in that fashion.

Today I wanted to leave you with just a little taste of what I received--now granted my journal is full and it took me an hour or more to write down all the promises and things that really jumped out at me today.  Each month different scriptures will seem to stand out on the page.

Psalm 2--Blessed are those who take refuge in Him--that makes me want to immediately take refuge in Him.

Psalm 32--Blessed are you when your sins are forgiven and whose spirit is no deceit--This makes me want to seek forgiveness for my sin and to live a deceit free life.

Psalm 62…

Can't Touch This!

My keyword for this year is "Proclaim."  I haven't done a very good job of doing that but hopefully can rectify that in the next five months.

One thing I have written about in the past are my Bible reading disciplines.  It has been years, I believe, since I wrote about them so I would like to share them again.

Every day I read five Psalms--no matter what--whether I am in another deep Bible study--no matter what--I read five Psalms everyday.

Let me tell you my rationale on that but first let me tell you how I do it.  This was not my idea--I read it somewhere--but it has paid tremendous dividends for me so I want to share.

If it is August 1 like today, I read

Psalm 1, Psalm 31, Psalm 61, Psalm 91 and Psalm 121.  See the pattern--whatever day of the month it is, I start there and add 30 to it until I get to the end of the book of Psalms.

I used to just read them and that was all.  Now I not only read them and meditate on them but many days copy much of them into my daily jo…