Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

On Wednesdays, I would like for our focus to be on praying for the peace of Jerusalem. Wondering how to pray? Psalm 122 is a good help.

Yesterday, I wrote about how important reading the Psalms all the way through each month is to me.

I read five Psalms each day--

the pattern is

August 2 I will read

Psalm 2, Psalm 32, Psalm 62, Psalm 92, and Psalm 122--It is truly amazing how the Psalms tie in together when read in that fashion.

Today I wanted to leave you with just a little taste of what I received--now granted my journal is full and it took me an hour or more to write down all the promises and things that really jumped out at me today.  Each month different scriptures will seem to stand out on the page.

Psalm 2--Blessed are those who take refuge in Him--that makes me want to immediately take refuge in Him.

Psalm 32--Blessed are you when your sins are forgiven and whose spirit is no deceit--This makes me want to seek forgiveness for my sin and to live a deceit free life.

Psalm 62--My soul finds rest in the Lord and my salvation and my honor come from Him--This verse makes me realize how helpless I am apart from Him.

Psalm 92--The righteous (our righteousness comes from Jesus) will flourish like a palm tree--like a cedar of Lebanon planted in the house of the Lord--They will still bear fruit in their old age--This makes me know that God is not through with me yet.

Psalm 122--May those who love Jerusalem be secure--Makes me desire to pray more faithfully for Jerusalem.

I pray your day is lovely and blessed and that we all choose to do things God's way especially during the rough, rough seasons of life.

All my love,

I love the scripture about how sweet it is when we are in harmony with one another--that is what I wanted the ballerina photo to represent--