Happy 4th Y'all!

As I have been promising for so long now, I am sharing a little taste of our entry hall redo. My husband and a friend of ours did the board and batten. The room is not fully decorated yet so I'm just showing one wall basically.

I've decorated with two 3' by 5' flags and some stalks of cotton.  I can't think of summer in Arkansas without thinking of cotton.

My dad's WWII picture is hung with one of the flags and his WWII medal is hung on the other.  My dad's dad was a share cropper here in Arkansas and the crop was of course, cotton.

We also decorated the front porch with two hanging flags.

You will probably notice that our address is done in architectural calligraphy--yes, I did that about 6 or 7 years ago and it is holding up pretty well--and no, I did NOT climb up there to paint it--it is on a single board that is screwed into the wood siding.

The board and batten is pure white--not sure of the name of it--maybe extra white from Sherwin Williams.  And the wall color is Navajo White from SW.  I will be showing more of it in a couple of weeks when the room is finished.

The top of the board and batten has a very narrow plate ledge.  My husband put a groove in it so I could stand plates up there, maybe a few pictures.

Basically, I am going to leave the top of that so that it can be decorated seasonally.

I will have Blue Willow plates up there the majority of the time though because that is one of the constants in our home.

We will have some blue in each room.

Giving credit where credit is due--my husband has worked almost all day every day for the past couple of months--we have painted furniture, painted almost the whole house inside, built the board and batten wall--and that's not counting all his regular chores keeping the yard and much of that time I have not been able to do a lot so he has had to do everything that I normally do too.

I am so much better.  I would say that I am pretty much back to my normal which is a new normal for me but a fairly active one.

I can go shopping now, go to the grocery store, do quite a bit of housework.

Thank you ever so much for all your prayers.

I am anxious to get back to blogging about our wonderful Lord.

The house is fun but there is nothing that satisfies like studying God's Word and drawing close to Him.

I have been studying the book of Ruth and now am studying the Sermon on the Mount with SheReadsTruth.

They have wonderful studies but to me there is nothing like digging in, studying it for yourself first of all and then reading what other people have to say.

I want revelation from God first of all--and He is faithful if we seek Him with our whole heart.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th.