When the Page is Bare...........

'I have nothing to say. I want to write but the words will not come. I will just put my pencil to this paper or my fingertip to the keyboard, my mind is blank as is the page. I am beginning to fully understand writer's block."

Some years ago when I was teaching creative writing and my students would complain that they had absolutely nothing to write about, no ideas would come, they felt totally helpless as far as writing was concerned......... 

I would tell them just to START writing--just put your pencil to the paper and write anything even if they felt like it was the dumbest thing in the world--

In the first sentence in this post, I tried to follow my own advice and do exactly what I told them to do--and yes I am beginning to see "how weird they thought I was at the time."

The name of my blog is Elizabeth Dianne-The Pages of My Life--

The pages of my life are full right now--it is not empty--but getting anything down on paper for the past few months has been a struggle.  And I LOVE to write.

So until the writing comes easier I will just fill you in on a few details--

Our daughter-in-law, Traci, had surgery on Monday of this week and is doing beautifully--will get to go home today.  Her faith during this entire process of months of chemo and now surgery has continued to bloom, to bring glory to Christ, and to help sustain all the rest of us.  It has been glorious to watch.

Back in the early spring, I was having some real health challenges with my back--God has strengthened me and I am almost back to my "old normal."  I give Him all the praise and glory for that.

I am painting a lot more these days than I did for a while and that is a real blessing and source of joy for me.

One of the biggest thrills of my life lately came last week when we were in Tulsa visiting one of our sons and his family--my youngest grandson, 22 months, called me by name for the first time.  What a sweet, sweet sound and he said it over and over and over.  Even my husband (as jealous as he was--smile) said so.  If he said my name once, he said it a hundred times.  Thrilled my soul--

Hope your Wednesday is full of the knowledge of God and His blessings to us each day.  What a wonderful Father He is to us.

All my love,

Psalm 28:7