al fresco

Here's hoping your week is filled with cool, fresh breezes from God. It is hot here--supposed to be in the upper nineties!

For those of you stopping by way of Kim's blog, here is the recipe:

1 layer of pumpkin grunge, soft light at 55%

1 layer of bentedges, soft light at 54%

1 layer of she loves you, soft light at 35%

1 layer of paperstainedmusic, soft light at 100%

1 layer of paper stained, soft light at 62%

Courier new font with drop shadow

and the original photo I took last year--

Why change of font? Some of my foreign readers were having trouble reading the script I was using so in deference to them and hoping to make it easier for everyone, I am changing to something more simple. Hope you like it!


Stacey Dawn said…
Love your new look and the new font! It's beautiful! - so is that image. I just found Kim's blog yesterday with the textures and signed up to get her emails. Can't wait to play and experiment with them. Haven't used them before so we'll see how I do!! Blessings and hugs to you dear friend!
Sandy said…
Don't understand a thing you're talking about
here but the picture is pretty!
Love you,
Maria said…
Oh Dianne, you are sooo talented... your photography and knowledge of Photoshop and all there is to do with photos is awesome to me!

I LOVE your new font! I, too, find it much easier to read. I was told at a "brain gym" seminar I went to a few years ago, that the simpler fonts {ariel, times new roman etc.} were better for students... less stress reading leaves the brain freer to comprehend more.
It was so interesting.

This font is so sweet and easy on the eyes!
I love it!
Have a wonderful week, Dianne*
God bless you always,
ps. We had a super hot week last week, with high humidity...this week it's cloudy and so much cooler ~ my husband mowed the lawn today with a jacket on!
crazy weather!
Joan said…
Now you are learning Photoshop! I love the textures.

I also like the new blog look - simple, but lovely.

Debbie said…
I liked the script, and I like this too. I should be ashamed to admit this, but I don't know what those blossoms are. The photos are beautiful. I wish I weren't too inept to try textures.
Dianne said…
I'm pretty sure those are crabapple blossoms. Someone correct me if I'm wrong--and Debbie, you are NOT too inept to do this. I promise you and it is sooooo much fun.

Maybe I will someday post a truly "beginners" lesson of how to get started--that is the only thing I find with most online tutorials--they start just a little ahead of where a true beginner really is--
Linda Makiej said…
Beautiful texture work!! :)
Leah C said…
Absolutely beautiful...lovely texture work!!
I love this photo! All the textures work so well together. Great job!
Kathleen said…
This is so lovely. It has a vintage Asian feel...

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