al fresco

Here's hoping your week is filled with cool, fresh breezes from God. It is hot here--supposed to be in the upper nineties!

For those of you stopping by way of Kim's blog, here is the recipe:

1 layer of pumpkin grunge, soft light at 55%

1 layer of bentedges, soft light at 54%

1 layer of she loves you, soft light at 35%

1 layer of paperstainedmusic, soft light at 100%

1 layer of paper stained, soft light at 62%

Courier new font with drop shadow

and the original photo I took last year--

Why change of font? Some of my foreign readers were having trouble reading the script I was using so in deference to them and hoping to make it easier for everyone, I am changing to something more simple. Hope you like it!