Be Refreshed!

It's seldom that I watch a video someone sends me but today I did just that and was so glad I did. I hope you will take just a few minutes to enjoy the incredible vastness of God and some beautiful music. Be refreshed and blessed my precious friend! Please pause the music at the bottom of the page.


Anonymous said…
Hi Dianne!
Thank you for your suggestions for doing some computer clean are my test case...let's see if I can sign in again with Google! I love the video on your blog today...we had it at church awhile back as people were coming into the sanctuary....SUPER photography!
Well, lets hope I can sign in!
PS...nope, still puts in the annonymous...apparently it is a google/blogger issue! Oh well!
Adoption Mama said…
God is so great! My Creator is so amazing! How can anyone NOT believe?????
Debbie said…
All creation is His witness! We need only look around. I love that technology has allowed us to see evidence of his master works that we'll never see with the naked eye. Beautiful!
Debbie said…
I just had to come back and tell you that you made me cry over on my blog this morning.

You see, friend, that is EXACTLY it for me. It's not the silly table. It's that wonderful fellowship that I have with my mother and sister as we do something creative together. That's why I haven't done many tables lately. Mom has been in a great deal of pain with both her back and knees (a praise is that she is responding to treatments) and Denise has been distracted with some other things. (And praise God for His hand in them, too)

For us, it's the process not the product.

To think that I might be able to set the table at the feast of the lamb... Can you imagine? I wonder if Martha of Bethany already has dibs.

You are a discerning friend!

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