iron bars do not a prison make

If you love old doorknobs you must hop over to Kim Klassen's blog--you can access it here--and see her latest post. You will love it.

Her weekend challenge is to take something that is not necessarily thought of as beautiful and photograph it up close and personal--try to see some beauty in something uniquely unbeautiful.

Looking through some of my old photographs I came across this one taken up at Renewal Ranch in the old barn--some barbed wire hanging there that probably hadn't been touched in years. Somehow I saw some beauty in it especially after I edited the picture.

Hope you enjoy and hope it is a reminder to you that God's holy Word tells us it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Have a wonderful, free weekend.

Update:  And this SOOC shot--has its own texture work!


Debbie said…
Oh Dianne, this was a perfect choice for the topic. Fences around Renewal Ranch, a place that is all about being FREE indeed. This is just beautiful, and I personally think the shots both before and after are worthy to be framed.
Dianne said…
Thanks, Debbie--since I paint acrylics on large canvases and we need some art over the sofas in the "sitting room," I thought about painting a huge 3x4 foot pic of this--
Linda Makiej said…
Terrific photos!!
Kim Klassen said…
so fab!! :) thanks for linking up at the cafe...xxo, kim
Mary B said…
Dianne, I continue to be amazed at your talents! AND you paint too??? Thank you, my friend, for sharing your talents with all of us!

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