Breaking the Chrysalis

Last week I wrote a post about having wings as a dove and flying away with Him--just to be alone with Him--removing myself from all the cares of the world and basking in His love.

 On one such occasion when I chose to closet myself with God on an extended basis, this is what I wrote: (And no, I did not literally "closet myself"--I was teaching school and I was interacting with 100 students and many colleagues every day BUT it was a decision I made--a very real one--every waking moment not spent with others was spent in His presence--and oh, was it glorious--yes, very hard at times but oh so beneficial.)

What I have noticed is the Holy Spirit almost instantaneously convicting me of sin, not with any condemnation but with such great compassionate love that it just makes me never want to commit that sin again, this has been especially true for me in certain areas such as ............................... 
and I went on to list the areas in which God was dealing with me. 
And this praise followed:   
Father, I adore your simplicity, the fact that You said what You meant, meant what You said.  I never have to wonder about You.  I adore You because Your mercies begin afresh every morning.  I adore You because You are worthy of all adoration, just because You are You.
I adore You because You meet every need of my life, You are simply there at every turn, every experience every emotion, every thought, every action--You are there for Me--I adore You because You do not sleep--You are always on guard. 

The words above were written in 2002 and I know that we cannot and should not substitute yesterday's experiences with God for today's. But I also know that we are to look out over the ramparts of our lives and behold the hand of God--we should build altars at times--we should have memory markers--and that is what journaling and blogging are for me.

On remembering yesterday's experiences with God: 
They jog my lethargic faith back to life, they gently dissolve the chrysalis of emotions so that I turn Godward and not inward, so that I can break free of the hardness of unbelief and fly once again.


Sandy said…
Hello Dear Friend,
I am happy to see a post from you again. I also
see that you took September off the top of your
blog so you must be feeling better?? How is the
therapy going? I hope you got my card. I am
always thinking of you and keeping you in my
Love you,
Stacey Dawn said…
Great post and reminders...thanks for sharing! Praying for you.
Mary B said…
Dear Dianne, your words are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart.

Debbie said…
I am so behind that I just saw this post this morning. I'm glad that I scrolled back to it because it was beautifully written, and the message was a perfect one for my heart these days.

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