Wings of a Dove

any times during the past several weeks I have thought of this verse and longed to fly away and be at rest. I felt as though I knew the longing of the psalmist's heart and his desire to just instantly be away from painful surroundings.

The irony of all this is: With the Spirit of God I do have this ability--I can fly away with my God and be at peace with Him--leaving the world and all its earthly sorrow behind--I can snatch sweet moments alone with Him throughout my day and cherish the wonder love that He constantly bestows upon me.

I can soar to heights where my soul flies free. It is my choice--do I choose to remain in the depths or do I choose to fly away with Him?

If you are sinking in any way today, dear friend, I pray that your spirit will be lifted to new heights.

Sometimes it is hard to make what we know is the very best choice for us, but once we do, it is easier the next time.

A few weeks ago, I noticed these doves outside my bedroom window--it reminded me of flying away with my Savior. I pray you soar to new heights today.

 said, “Oh, that I had the wings of a dove!
   I would fly away and be at rest—Psalm 55:6