What You're Doing Is Not Working!

Written last Friday--We have company coming tonight.  We are out of wash cloths.  My husband went to Sam's to pick up a few things.  I called him while there and asked him if he could pick up some wash cloths.

First of all I called him right about the time I knew he would have walked in Sam's.  I started to call him on the way there but it takes him so long to get his phone out of his shorts' pocket and is such an ordeal, I'm always afraid he's going to wreck. 

As soon as I got him and asked him about the wash cloths, he said, "Sorry, I am already in the checkout line."  Well, I knew that was not the truth so I proceeded to tell him what all I needed and all the while he kept saying, "Sorry--in the checkout line." 

Finally, I knew he wasn't going to let go of that one until I acknowledged it so I just said, "Okay, fine, will get them later--don't want you to get out of the checkout line."  Then comes what I expected.  "No, no, I was just kidding.  I just got here--yada, yada, yada--"
Back to original conversation--"Will you pick up some wash cloths?"

"They are called dish cloths, not wash cloths." 
"I don't want dish cloths, I want wash cloths." 
Well, he thought I was kidding back and arguing for the sake of arguing (like he likes to have fun with) and just wanted to call dish cloths, wash cloths--I didn't!  I wanted wash cloths.
He said, "Well, I can't find anything but one package of dish cloths.   
Where else would they be?" 
I said, "You know where they sell pillows, etc.--try over there--they just might have them over there--he said, "Oh, I see a section called domestics, I will try that.
When he came home empty-handed with no CLOTHS of any kind, he explained that they just had wash cloths, not any dish cloths.  I said, "Well, that was what I wanted."
Of course, the expected conversation ensued with references to all that had happened above--
He never once even sheepishly admitted to any wrong doing, fault, forgetfulness etc. or being more concerned with pointless kidding (smile).
After I finally said, "Well, I don't know what else to say.  I told you I wanted wash cloths," he said,
"Well, what you're doing is not working."
Is this where I say 
I give up?
        Happy Monday everyone!!


Sandy said…
What's wrong with Larry??! And I thought Kim
was bad! Sheesh!
It's so good to have you back, girl. I have
been missing you somethin' awful.
The mailman came today two hours earlier than
our regular guy so your beautiful card is just
laying here on my desk. I'll get it out in the
Hope and pray you have a really good day with
little or no pain.
I love you,
Susy said…
This made me laugh out loud. Gotta luv em /~"
elizabeth said…
Men! This sounds all too much like my Hubs! :)
Debbie said…
I don't know how he did it but my Sir Lotsa Hair just paid you a visit all the way in Arkansas.

Yep. Body snatched your hubby and created one of his masterpiece moments of boysish annoyance.

Don't worry. He's back home now.
Stephani said…
This is so funny! My husband is kinda the opposite. He won't let go of a challenge. If I call and say I need wash cloths and he can't find them, he has just been challenged to find them and will probably drive to several stores to find just what is right. Sounds great, but several hours and gas gallons later I'm often on to something else! In fact, by the time he gets home I have probably already given my guests a dish cloth to bathe with! Ha!
Mary B said…
This makes me smile....I can relate! Glad to hae you back!!!!!!
Dianne said…
Hey Tasha, somehow thought you would NEVER read this-ha ha

It was all for ya'll--hope you enjoyed those "dish cloths."

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