Be the Seed

WWow! When I read that today, it hit me full in the face. We talk of planting seeds concerning farming and gardening. 
When we have a need, we plant a seed out of our need into a certain ministry or church to bring about growth in certain areas of our lives. 
But to be the seed--that is a whole 'nother ballgame.
"Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. 
Jesus used this parable to teach the disciples why He would go to the cross, give up His life, and trust God for the outcome. He truly is the great seed.  
However, I would like for us to consider, to ponder being the seed.
We know the Bible teaches that to be first, we must be last, to be the master of all, we must become the servant of all--all of these seemingly upside down, inside out teachings of Jesus threw the Pharisees into a tailspin.
In our own lives are we willing to die daily to those things which would hinder us in our Christian walk--dwelling on being mistreated, bitterness, grudges, being misunderstood when we are trying to do our best to help someone, greed, _____________ and you and I can fill in the blank or blanks. 
Am I willing to be the seed that falls to the ground, is covered and dies so that it can bring a harvest of plenty?
Jesus was willing.  Thank God He was willing. 


For the art lovers or artists wannabees out there, I am hoping that you will watch the video below.   
There are lots of good instructional videos out there but I just really, really enjoyed watching this one.   
Seeing the artist make something beautiful from mistakes she made reminded me of just how much God can do with this one human soul, if only I choose to die to self. 
You will also see where I got the idea for today's post.  Hope you enjoy! 
So sorry!  The video keeps "popping out"--not showing up, although it shows up in the editing mode--I will just provide this line to it-- 
Here is the link:   This is actually a link to my Pinterest page of art journals videos and the video I referred to is the very first one.  

 and one other thing--

This is the new header I designed for Nancy.  I would love for you to hop over to her place and read about her retreats dedicated to knowing God better and enjoying His presence in the beautiful scenic mountains of North Carolina.  I am hoping that I get to go there and visit some day.

Here is the link to Footprints to the Potter's House.

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elizabeth said…
Your new header is so lovely, as well as the one you designed for Nancy. You are so talented, my friend!
I was just thinking about and praying over that verse this morning...about the seed dying in order to bear fruit. Dying to self, that's what I was praying about.
Thank you so much for your love and prayers for my kiddos leaving for Africa. The good news is that for two weeks in April we will be there with them. But, even that is a dying to self thing, me with my homebody ways.
Love you bunches, Dianne.
Nava said…
Dianne--I really like what you did with Nancy's header! It captures a lot of atmosphere--
Mary B said…
Nancy header look great! I popped over and left a comment. You new one looks good too. Are you doing this in Photoshop Elements...or whatever program that is you have?

I am pondering "Be the seed..." Much food for thought there.

Debbie said…
Be the seed.
I honestly had never considered that from the perspective you bring before this moment, and I love it. I also love the header you made for your winner! I have been so busy and distracted that I have hardly been able to visit blog land at all. I don't think I even got a chance to enter. If I DID, that's even worse because that makes me busy, distracted, and now half senile. Praying that I get it together soon. (Seriously...)

She is blessed to have won. It looks beautiful!
Barb said…
"Be the seed.." Three tiny words but so powerful; words I'm not likely to forget.
Love the header you made for Nancy. I'm heading there right now. Hugs and love too.
what a beautiful header you created for your friend!
i also love "be the seed." we are the seed whether
we realize it or not, so we might as well be good
seed! :)
Karen said…
Nancy's header is lovely. I am so excited my Mother-in-law and I are headed to Nancy's next month! We are anticipating what God has in store for us during our weekend retreat.

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