House of Prayer

I'm so glad that God is no respecter of persons--we are all beloved to Him and He desires that each of us come before Him in worship and prayer.  What a privilege it is to have the freedom to do this.

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Joining with Deidra at Jumping Tandem
and Charlotte at Spiritual Sundays today--

PHOTO:  Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church near Monticello, Arkansas--on the National Register of Historic Places--organized in 1859.

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Debbie said…
Happens to be a favorite portion of scripture for me.

The look of that particular house of prayer touches a place in my heart. It looks a lot like the tabernacle at the church camp where I spent some of the happiest and most Spirit filled days of my childhood. It was called Camp Crossroads... and that it was for me.
Mary B said…
It is most certainly a privilege! We are kind of on the same page this week.
Nava said…
Love this--reminds me of my first little church.
Deidra said…
Reminds me of my Grandmother's church.

It is a privilege, isn't it? I take it for granted far too often.
Nancy said…
A priviledge that was very costly....This too reminds me of my grandmother's church....
caryjo said…
Neat photo AND verse combo. Thanks.
Charlotte said…
Amen to this, and I really like your church picture.
Thank you for sharing on Spiritual Sundays.

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