Dancin' the Night Away

At the reception-Believe it or not no booze was involved in the making of this picture.

Will be posting a few more pictures in the days to come.  Please keep the Avery's in your prayers today--high school friends of mine who lost a son, nephew.  I was with them yesterday and will be attending graveside services today.  Thank you so much to those of you who always pray for me.  I depend on your prayers and love you so much.

Harvest blessings,
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Sandy said…
Oh, I am so very sorry to hear of the passing of your friends son and nephew. I can't imagine what that pain must feel like. I have prayed and will continue. So sorry.
As for you, young lady...I know no booze were involved. You are just having a wonderful time and being beautiful in the process!! Did I tell you that this is my fave hairstyle on you? I want mine like that. Is there a photo you took to your hairdresser?
This picture is just full of joy...and what a message to the world, you can have fun with out booze.

Prayers for the family...so sorry
Debbie said…
So, in my absence, I even missed a wedding? I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but I am a certified wedding fanatic and hopeless romantic. I just love to hear about them whether I know the bride and groom or not. Silly woman, I know.

I will read back to see what I missed.

This is the first morning that a certain very relieved husband has "slept in" which allowed me time to sneak to the computer for a visit.

I just know I've missed a ton of fun.

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