Be Still and Know.....

It was a very quiet day at my house--

Linking this picture with Texture Tuesday
I flattened my picture before I remembered to write down the texture I used--
I think it was Yesteryear--I tried several but finally decided on just one--
and as almost always used softlight and went down a little on opacity--

The morning started cold and cloudy,

snow and sleet descended mid-morning,

But it wasn't here to stay--

Thank goodness because I was not looking forward

to the prospect of more power outages.

My husband left really early to go to Renewal Ranch

and is going to be gone til late this evening--

I spent a long time in Bible study..........

It was good--Hosea, the Psalms, the story of Abigail and David--


I was very bad--

I fixed (yes, we say fixed in the south) me some

instant mashed potatoes for lunch and they were to die for--

It helped that I added butter, dry Hidden Valley ranch dressing mix,

cream cheese, garlic powder and pepper, oh, and how could

I forget that heavy cream--yum, they were incredible!

I braved the freezing weather for 5 minutes or less

and went outside to take pictures of my beautiful camellia bush--

Here it is--

and then I did some still-life photography,
(at the top of this post)

took it to Photoshop

and added some texture and text--

and I tried to paint a watercolor rooster--

wow! that was hard and will be another project for another day--

I'm thinking about finishing him in Photoshop.

I need to do some research on roosters--

I can't remember how their tail feathers hook on to their body--

Not that I am trying to paint a realistic rooster

but he does need to have something about him that looks like it is 

where it is supposed to be.

That was part of my goal this year is to paint one watercolor per week,

except I am painting an average of almost one a day so far--

So it seems to me that I will HAVE TO improve--

Surely you learn something along the way even if you're not

taking lessons--I'm through with the online lessons I was taking-- 

Hope your week started off great!

© all photographs and text property of Dianne Hogue unless otherwise noted


elizabeth said…
Such a gorgeous photo! I love it. Can't wait for the camellias to bloom here. My neighbor up the street has the most gorgeous pinky peach one and it's so tempting to snatch a few blooms. (I haven't snatched any, but I may ask for some!)

So, tell me about these watercoloring lessons usual, I just dive in without knowing a thing. I did that with acrylics a couple years ago, too. Oh, and photography, too!
Barb said…
I always love visiting here, my friend. This time there were two blessings for me. The first was the four words that are favorites of mine. Be Still And Know
Be still, don't fret, worry, be anxious. Relax
And know- Be confident, have no doubt.
I AM GOD" when we have HIM we have all we need, more than enough
The second blessing was the photo of your beautiful flower.
Here it is the new year and I'm trying to do well and then you write about your mashed potatoes.:)
I love them too, and like you, fancy them up for myself when that is all I feel like eating.
Thank you for comment left in my LETS CHAT blog. Love you much.
Sandy said…
Comforting words from the Book of books, beautiful flowers, and mashed potatoes...doesn't get much better!
Love you~
June Caedmon said…
Sounds like a lovely day, Dianne. How blessed you are!
Pieni Lintu said…
Beautiful photos <3

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