Trusting in Him

Psalm 37:8b says, "Do not fret--it leads only to evil."

Websters says the meaning of fretting is becomes vexed or worried.

All the verses in the first two posts lead us now to a decision--the decision of TRUST.

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Will we choose to accept by faith the truth of the previous scriptures, especially Romans 8:28.

Wow!  Do we really believe that?  That fretting leads only to evil.
But honestly.............think about it.  Can you think of one single solitary time in your life when becoming vexed or worrying added any "good" to your life?
It is one thing to take common sense precautions about the things that we have some control over but to deliberately stew and worry over something over which we have no control is not pleasing to our Lord. 
In fact, not only is it not pleasing to Him, He truly wants us to be "worry-free."  He wants to carry all of our burdens for us, He sincerely wants us to cast all of our care upon Him. 
And He is just the One who can handle it---
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Will we always trust perfectly--no, we won't but most of us can improve in this area.

So trusting God comes back to the very first verse we started with--we have now made a complete circle.

The first verse was

Hebrews 11:6a--"Without faith it is impossible to please God."

When we, through faith, place our trust in God, He is pleased and we are worry-free.  What better combination for basking in the embrace of each other's company.

Enjoy Him my friend.  He is waiting to draw near to you as you draw near to Him.  There is no substitute for His precious Holy Spirit.

All my love,

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