Planning, Not Resolving

Without a vision the people perish--Proverbs 29:18a

I am not making resolutions for the new year but I do want to have a vision for what I would like to accomplish with God's help--so here is my plan for 2013.

And my WORD for the YEAR is SEEK--

My scripture for the year is Jeremiah 29:13

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Plan for 2013
        *Set my alarm each day for at least 6 a.m. 
*Spend time in the morning first thing with God, quality and quantity. 
*Paint at the art studio every Monday. 
*Exercise every day in the mornings and before I leave the house. 
*Use this house cleaning schedule--click here for link. 
*Be faithful to my blog readers--I promised God when I started  in 2008 that I would write faithfully for five years--I have 5 months to go.  Finish strong and then consult God on his direction--keep writing blog or devote that time to something else.  Include one creative piece (poem or prose) every 5 to 10 posts.
*Get down on paper my favorite scriptures and why and how they helped me through the years. 
*Teach at the Ranch until God tells me otherwise.  Devote study and prayer time to become the best I can be for the residents and to give back to God. 
*Pray faithfully for my prayer list. 
*Keep a better prayer journal this year. 
*Practice calligraphy weekly. 
*Paint one watercolor a week no matter how small. 
*Pencil sketch one person or thing each week. 
        *Make healthier eating choices each day--try to make more good  choices per day than bad choices for sure.
*Spend one day biweekly studying photography.  

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Debbie Petras said…
I like your one word for 2013: seek. That's a good one Dianne. I love to seek Him early in the morning. As you know it's been my pattern for years. It is well worth the early morning hours. Our Lord never disappoints. I'm impressed with your planning though.

Blessings and love,
Sandy said…
I like your plans for 2013, especially getting up early and seeking the Lord to start your day and making time for art. I usually don't seek a word for the new year but I had no choice this time. The word from the Lord found me!
Mary B said…
I love your plan and I look forward to seeing your creative masterpieces!

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