Pillow Talk

And wow! do these pillows ever talk!  They speak volumes about life.

I love that every time I walk in the master bedroom they will be there to speak of the 
faith, hope and love we have in God.

I love that they remind me to pray for those who have been abused by human trafficking.

I bought them at The Sparrow's Nest, a small store run by volunteers who take donations for operating a safe haven for victims of human trafficking here in the Little Rock area.

They had Open House last night and the place was packed.  We heard a woman who had been
a victim herself of this horrible societal disease.

They sold a ton of stuff at incredible prices.

I think the pillows really complement the curtains that I purchased a couple of months ago.

And now abides these three:  faith, hope and love.  
But the greatest of these is love.
1 Cor. 13:13

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elizabeth said…
Love those pillows and the curtains...and smiling that you have animal print bedding. The wild side of Dianne I never knew about! :)
Patty Sumner said…
Absolutely beautiul! I am going to look up safe haven right now. I have not heard of this place. I very interested... The fact that the pillows remind us to bear out the fruit of the Spirit but the fact that they were made and sold to help such a wonderful ministry is wonderful. Thanks for the info and your bedroom is gorgeous! Blessings!
Sandy said…
Well,obviously these words mean a great deal to me. :o) I love the pillows and the curtains do match well. I'm not big on animal print of any kind but your bed style is beautiful; love the metal and wood.
I have read some of the stories of human trafficking and it literally sickens me. I needed this reminder to be even more diligent in prayer concerning this horrible atrocity.

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