Blog Break

I will be taking a blogging break from writing or from checking blogs for the next month.

During that time I want to pursue what God would have me do.

I think blogging was great for a while. I made it for a little over 5 years.

But now I am finding that I am all written out or so it seems.

I will write in my little journal for the next month and if I feel I have anything of substance to post for you at the end of that month, then I will--otherwise, I will probably let the blog trail off--just updating every month or so.

Or maybe I will use the extra time to paint more and post some more art for you at the end of that time.

But for now, I just need to spend more time alone with God, pursuing Him and what He has to say. If you are interested in keeping up with my fascinating life (tongue in cheek), you can find me on Instagram.

There is a link to my Instagram page in the upper right side bar. If you are on Instagram I would love to know--maybe a little notation in the comments section?!



Dianna said…
He will direct your thoughts and guide your footsteps, my friend!
Debbie Petras said…
Taking time to listen to the Lord is important. He will guide you as you spend time in His presence. I will miss reading your posts in the meantime.

Blessings and love,
Nancy said…
I certainly understand the need to take some time with the Lord to get instructions for the future. I hope your time with be refreshing, renewing, and inspired...I will miss you but will catch up with you on Instagram...I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful painting...
Debbie said…
I'm right there with you.

I'm a bit different because I will probably read the blogs that inspire me. I just want to be a listener rather than a speaker for a while if that makes sense. I want to listen to God indirectly and directly and constantly.

Sandy said…
I understand completely and am heading in the same direction, I think. I know I definitely want more time with the Lord and my artistic endeavors. I am not familiar with Instagram.
Stay in touch!
Love you,
I hear you Dianne. Finding I don't have as much to share these days even though the Lord is moving. Just seems I want to hold it close or don't have the words to adequately share. Seems I am only posting a couple of days a week anyway. Blessings to you as you spend the time with the Lord and hopefully in artistic endeavors (I like your artwork in case I haven't said that lately). Will try to keep up with you somehow.
Thank you dear ladies. I love every one of you and each of you have added so much to my life. I appreciate you and your support with all my heart.

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