Brazilian Beauties

Just had to show you one more picture from my mission trip to Brazil several years ago.

I am on the back row third from right end.

Now if anyone would have ever told me when I went on this trip that I would get to speak to a group of 30 people, I totally would not have believed them.

I had just finished speaking to this group right before the picture was taken and they didn't run off--smile!

They were absolutely precious, so beautiful inside and outside, so ready to hear the gospel, so open and  so loving and friendly.

The pastor of the church who sponsored our group is on the right end also in a white shirt and black bill cap.

When we got to this location and he introduced me as the speaker, I almost fainted.

But God is good and He gave me the words to say.

One of the sweetest things to me on this trip was being called a missionary.  One of our translators (interpreters?--I can never remember which is the proper or best term) introduced me to a store clerk in a local mall as the misssionary who had come to be with them.

Now even though this was a mission trip, I had never thought of myself as a missionary.  That was totally humbling to me.

God is so good.  Praying that your week is awesome.  I love you all so very much.

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