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Oh the Glory of Your Presence

If I had to name my favorite blessing of the past week, it would have to be the glory of the presence of God.  Thank you, Lord, for your manifest presence in my life.

The next favorite blessing would have to be one of the guys at the Ranch, Daniel, asking me to speak on his behalf at his graduation and be his mom for the day.

His mother lives in Illinois and because of health reasons is unable to travel.  Oh how humbled and honored I felt.

She had written a congratulatory letter that I read, I spoke a little bit about the joy of watching the guys grow in their faith from week to week as we teachers meet with them and study God's Word.  I also read a poem that Daniel wrote in one of my classes.  I would like to share that with you.

I was in an aluminum prison
One that I crawled into of my own accord.
The love I had for this prison kept me there for a long time.
It was a beer can.
But when I wanted out,
Then I called upon the Lord and He sent ang…

Desperate Need

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Enter With Thanksgiving

This is a "doctored" photograph of a fall arrangement on my kitchen table.  
I hope your week is filled with blessings and your heart filled with gratitude and thanksgiving.
Fall is slowly but surely coming to our area of the country.  We have had beautiful weather the last couple of days.  We will take the 80's any day although we will dance in the streets when it gets in the 70's.  
Have a wonderful week wherever you are and God's richest blessings to you.
My week included these awesome blessings.
a birthday celebration with family--yes my own--

My granddaughter, Kennedy, and I at my birthday dinner.

Getting to teach calligraphy to the guys at the Ranch.  Look at what one of my favorite students, Zac, did after I left and I forgot to leave brushes for them to work with.  He did this in pencil.  So proud of him.  A very special thank you to Lisa Engelbrecht, author of Modern Mark Making, for so graciously giving me permission to copy exemplars from her book for…

No Smell of Fire

All of the big writing is jet black ink but it looks almost gold in some of these pictures.

This was taken from my journal yesterday. 
The hair of their heads was not singed.
Their clothes were not harmed
and no smell of fire had
come upon them.
Daniel 3:27

And this is the finished product after I added texture and enhanced it.
Daniel is an awesome book to study.  I am reading it and studying it with
Would love for you to join us.

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What Are Our Idols?

This is a page from my journal (digitally enhanced) depicting the golden idol Nebuchadnezzar had built and told everyone they must worship.

We know the old story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. And a wonderful one it is.  They didn't bend, they didn't bow, they didn't burn because a fourth man joined them in the fiery furnace.

No, most of us don't bow down to images such as the one above either, but what do we bow to?

What are our idols?

I left some space--part of it has been cropped off. I was going to list some of the things I think we bow down to but decided to leave the space for us to give God ROOM to speak to us. What are my particular idols? And another question came to my mind and was the partial reason for the way I designed the page. What in our lives (of value) is "going up in flames and coming down in ashes?

One thing in my own is my health and my weight.  I don't feel well much of the time and take too much medicine.  I am definitely ove…