What Are Our Idols?

This is a page from my journal (digitally enhanced) depicting the golden idol Nebuchadnezzar had built and told everyone they must worship.

We know the old story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. And a wonderful one it is.  They didn't bend, they didn't bow, they didn't burn because a fourth man joined them in the fiery furnace.

No, most of us don't bow down to images such as the one above either, but what do we bow to?

What are our idols?

I left some space--part of it has been cropped off. I was going to list some of the things I think we bow down to but decided to leave the space for us to give God ROOM to speak to us. What are my particular idols? And another question came to my mind and was the partial reason for the way I designed the page. What in our lives (of value) is "going up in flames and coming down in ashes?

One thing in my own is my health and my weight.  I don't feel well much of the time and take too much medicine.  I am definitely overweight.

So one thing I decided to do while I was studying Daniel is to go on the Daniel eating plan.  I really hate to call it a fast because there are so many wonderful things to eat on it.

I am not suggesting this to you.  This is just something I felt like God was calling me to do for a period of time.

What I thought was going to be the hardest part has been of no consequence so far--coffee!

I hope my journal page will give you pause to think about your own life, your idols, the things in your life that you need to save from destruction or let God save.

He wants to walk in to the fire with us and save us from ourselves.

I bow down and am still before Him--speak to me Father.

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