Enter With Thanksgiving

This is a "doctored" photograph of a fall arrangement on my kitchen table.  

I hope your week is filled with blessings and your heart filled with gratitude and thanksgiving.

Fall is slowly but surely coming to our area of the country.  We have had beautiful weather the last couple of days.  We will take the 80's any day although we will dance in the streets when it gets in the 70's.  

Have a wonderful week wherever you are and God's richest blessings to you.

My week included these awesome blessings.

a birthday celebration with family--yes my own--

My granddaughter, Kennedy, and I at my birthday dinner.

Getting to teach calligraphy to the guys at the Ranch.  Look at what one of my favorite students, Zac, did after I left and I forgot to leave brushes for them to work with.  He did this in pencil.  So proud of him.  A very special thank you to Lisa Engelbrecht, author of Modern Mark Making, for so graciously giving me permission to copy exemplars from her book for the guys.  
Yes, they are all my favorites!

Another great blessing is reading and studying the book of Daniel with www.shereadstruth.com

These are some of the illustrations I have done this week.

The discipline and joy of staying on the Daniel eating plan.

Squash, onions, red, yellow and orange bell peppers--oh my goodness!

Black bean burrito in a whole wheat tortilla--my favorite thing to eat on this plan.

Visiting with Jeremy, one of my favorite residents at the Ranch right now--and by the way, they are all my favorites!!  

I love watching families being restored and making new good memories!

A sister drives two and a half hours to visit her brother--

And let's don't forget the Pigs--watching a little Razorback football with our guys.
WPS!!!!!!!!!--Wooooo, Pig, Sooiiee----
Oh, how I love me some Hogs!

As visitation was winding down, I happened to notice the reflection of the flag in the front window.  Loved it.

A beautiful wedding and reception of one of the former residents of the Ranch, Matt.

Their wedding reception was held in a big event center downtown Conway and all the street lamps are decorated in the most beautiful hanging baskets.

 Matt and Sandra-God bless them always--

Two of my favorite residents at the Ranch right now celebrating with their brother who just got married. They will both be graduating next Saturday.

My precious friend, Kathy.

This was on my car temp gage.
One of the greatest blessings of the week is enduring our ONLY day this summer to be over 100 degrees--some summers we have days or weeks on end (or without end) of over 100 temps.  So, so thankful!

and the greatest by far--the FREEDOM to worship this morning at my home church, The Summit
This is a picture of the lobby or the Commons area as it is called.

© all photographs and text property of Dianne Hogue unless otherwise noted


elizabeth said…
Your blog is back! How did that happen? YAY!
Actually, this is the one I copied and carried over to another address--lost most of my followers and overseas readers and that is sad. But there's always something to be said for a fresh start. So excited about your incourage group--
This is beautiful Dianne!
Sandy said…
And you think you have nothing to blog about?! This post is filled with love, joy, family, restoration, healthy food, beautiful art. Lovely!
Great blog post where is this ranch and what is it's purpose?
This ranch is right outside of Conway, AR and it is a faith based rehab--free--Jesus paid the price. I have the privilege of teaching these guys every Tuesday for an hour. It's a long story how all of that came to be. Maybe one day I will share it over in the group. Thank you for asking.

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