All My Longings

One day a few years ago as I was studying Psalm 38, the Holy Spirit penetrated deep into my heart as I read the above verse.  Just a few little words but they exploded on impact.

"All my longings?  Really, Lord.
They lay right there open before you?
I spent quite a bit of time alone with the Lord that morning, searching myself, trying to see what He saw.  It impacted me so much that I dubbed the year 2010 as "the year of longings."  I dedicated the year to finding out what my true longings were.

As I was preparing this post to share with you, I once again searched my heart to see what my true longings are.  I will share a couple with you.

I long to long to spend more time in His Word *sigh*
then I know I will do it--
The rest of that verse says "and my sighing is not hidden from you."--
Really, he makes note of every time I sigh. 

I long to long to spend more intimate moments in silence with Him,
for if I long for this, I know that those intimate moments will come more often.

I long to know what He sees when He looks at my longings?  Sometimes our hearts deceive us and we fool ourselves--sometimes we don't even know what our own longings are, 
So, I long for God to show me what my real and true longings are.
"The good ones, Lord--I pray you will expand and bring me out into a spacious place where they can be generously shared and used for the upbuilding of others.
The ones that aren't so good--I pray you will remove--take them from me--cast them as far as the east is from the west."
So, my challenge to you would be--if you haven't already done it--

Ask God to search you and show you what your real longings are--

Why is this important?

For one, if there are longings that are not pleasing to God, I can ask Him to remove them.

Two, it helps me refocus and pay attention to the things that really matter in my life.

It helps me simplify.  And couldn't we all use a little more simplicity and focus in our lives?

God's Word is so full of everything I need, it totally astounds me.  I love it when the Holy Spirit zeroes in highlighting a few little words.

I'm so glad you stopped by.  I pray God's richest blessings on you and yours this wekend.



Nadine said…
I so often find myself praying a similar pray, "I long to long to" or something along the same lines.
I want to desire the things of Christ, yet I know my flesh so well.
Claire said…
Thanks for posting- that verse Had some how passed me by but it is so challenging. I want to long after the right things, to long after God given desires, to open my heart and let my wants become lifted into His hands. Thank you for the challenge
Krystal said…
I struggle sometimes with craving more time with God. I find that when I long to spend time with God and actively pursue spending time in his word, I crave it more and more.
Morgan Zoeller said…
I agree w/ Krystal. The more time I spend in the Word, the more I long for it. Thanks for sharing!
S. Etole said…
Thank you for highlighting this verse. How I long to see His face.
Melissa Emma said…
We wrote about the same verse this week! :) I really enjoyed your perspective. You write beautifully. :)
Sandy said…
It's wonderful how He knows everything about us, our longings, shortcomings, absolutely everything and He still loves us though some of those things may not be pleasing to Him.
This is an awesome picture.
Hope you and yours have a lovely weekend.
Anonymous said…
I hadn't even noticed this verse as I read! Thank you so much for posting and highlighting what the Holy Spirit taught you. What a blessing!
Anonymous said…
So cool! I so need to do that - see what I truly long for ask The Lord to show me what my longings are - even sighs He hears I love it!!!!!
Pamela said…
The thought of God seeing my longings encourages me to hold them up to His holiness and discard those not worthy. Convicting post, one I'll be carrying with me.


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