Tulips, Followers, Ice etc.

Good morning precious friends.  I hope you had a lovely weekend.

We are iced in again--not that it has happened all that many times but definitely more than the average winter.

 When I went to the grocery store on Friday, I couldn't pass by these lovely little tulips that were a mere pittance for all the happy sunshine they bring to my little living room. Hope you enjoy.

I want to welcome my newest follower, CaryJo--thank you so much for joining up with us in this journey.

The internet has blessed me with some mighty awesome friends.

And speaking of followers, y'all, I have a little something I want to request.

--When I lost my blog some months ago (long, long story), I also lost all of my followers.

 I did manage to transfer all of my blog posts to the new blog but it would not let me transfer the followers--not only that but I couldn't even find out where to add the follower gadget.

They have taken it off the main menu when you start a new blog now. Well, not really taken it off but they have hidden it behind a teeny "More" choice--

Well, anyway, I finally found it a couple of weeks ago and have added it back but it looks so lonely with my 7 little followers (although each one is so, so special)--so, if you were a follower before would you mind just taking that step to join again.

I would appreciate it so much. And if you are new here and would like to keep up with any of my art, photography, writings (I haven't been very prolific the last few months in the writing department) or gifts to you, I invite you to join also.

My gifts to you are listed on the sidebar by the way in case there is one you would like to retrieve.

So, friends, have a happy Monday and a very blessed week.

I love you! and more importantly God loves you so very much.