More Than Watchmen

I was excited when I saw the *assignment for a linkup with SheReadsTruth.

--*Share our insights from Psalm 130--

A few years ago as I was studying this passage, the repetition of 'more than a watchmen' hit me so hard and I knew I wanted to know more.

After some research about a watchman's duties and reading more passages of scripture concerning watchmen, I knew I wanted to place myself in the watchman's shoes and see what my thoughts were.  The following is what I wrote.

I prepare for the night ahead. 

The darkness here in the desert can be quite cold--

I cocoon myself in future warmth, 

layer after layer of protective covering 

anticipating the deepest, the most penetrating bone-cold winds 

sweeping across the vast spaces of my soul. 

The night will be long, 

 I've served this shift before

 and the moments, the minutes, the hours 

 pass as winter sap from the tree-- 

 I look ever so often to the eastern horizon 

 Waiting for the faintest sparkle of the tourmaline sky, 

I pace from one end of my post to the other, 

 Ever on the lookout for trouble, 

for any sign of the enemy. 

 At times my heart beats like the flap of the eagles wings 

 Once it's spotted prey-- 

 The night brings not so familiar sounds-- 

 Sounds I don't want to be familiar-- 

 The core of my being raps hard 

and I look to The eastern realm again. 

 And then the quiet, 

 The orchestral din of reverberated nothingness, 

The clashing cymbal of thought upon anxious thought-- 

 One more quick look-- 

 Can it be the fringe of amber sun spilling 

 Over the horizon onto saffron sands? 

 It has come--Hope rises once more. 

It has come--Hope rises once more. 

 I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I put my hope. 
My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the morning, 
more than watchmen wait for the morning. Psalm 130:5-6 

 This has always been one of my favorite scriptures. I think it so interesting how the last line is repeated. In literature repetition is used for a purpose--to make a statement, to get a point across--The writer is voicing his soul's quest in terms the people of his day can understand. 

If you were this sentry how soon do you think you would want the morning to come?

How hard would you look towards the eastern horizon?

That is how I want my soul to wait for the Lord.


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Lyli said…
Elizabeth, I love your perspective -- that we are awaiting for Hope. Lovely!

Stopping by from She Reads Truth today. So nice to "meet you." :)
Claire said…
What amazing and well written reflections. I hadn't really thought about the night watchmen but what you wrote made sense and made it real. Thank you
Marianne said…
Thx for this beautiful written glimpse into a watchman´s heart! I wish my yearning to God´s word would be like that ...

Love from Germany via SRT :)
Nicola Lungu said…
I too was attracted to the repetition when I read this psalm. My version has the title of the psalm as "a song for pilgrims ascending to Jerusalem" and I liked how the repetition made the verse feel so much more rhythmic, like slow and steady walking 'ascending to Jerusalem'.
A helpful picture of a watchman's life, it brings the pslam to life. Thank you!
Love, SRT sister :-)
elizabeth said…
I just love your beautiful heart! This is lovely.
Tina Blankson said…
Elizabeth, what beautiful well you describe the watchmens' duties and how it relates to Psalm 130.....Thank you....I have often wondered why that line was written twice....Thank you for the research and the insight....Blessings x x tina
This is so beautiful. When I read the repetition, it stirred me deeply as well!!!
Lakeisha said…
I too paused at verse 6, your words are very encouraging and edifying. Beautifully written!
Morgan said…
Beautifully written. The repetition does make us pause and consider what that waiting means...and how hard is it to PAUSE AND WAIT?! I was encouraged by this as I am starting a new prayer challenge that requires a lot of WAITING...more than watchmen in the morning.
Misce Eugenio said…
Thank you for sharing this! I love how you describe what a watchmen does! it gave more light to my reflection as well! Have a blessed day! :)
momof3girls said…
Thank you for sharing about what it must have been like to be a watchmen. You vividly painted a picture with words. I want to wait on The Lord like that to!
Melissa Emma said…
Thank you for writing this! May we all hunger for the Lord more! xo
Cary said…
Thank you for that! I wondered about that as well- the repetition seems desperate- "I will wait, I will wait". So beautiful!
This was beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing!
Steffi said…
Aaaaaaaahhh!!! I didn't want your post to EVER end!! I felt like I was right there with the character you described and even with all his anticipation and excitement for daybreak, we desire to be 10x more excited for our intimate moments with God. You my Sister have a gift. May the Lord bless You for presenting His truth in a fresh and innovative way!
So beautifully written. I also loved the repetition 'of that line -- I found myself rereading it over and over. Thank you for sharing with us. #shereadstruth
Cecillia said…
This was beautiful! I love that you pointed out the importance of the repetition. To be honest, I noticed it but never stopped to consider how important it would be!

She Reads Truth said…
"hope rises once more." Yes! Thanks so much for sharing this!
Sandy said…
Beautiful, just like your heart, dear friend.
Amy Bowman said…
So encouraged by this. Really beautiful and insightful! Thank you. Visiting from SRT
britney said…
My favorite line: Can it be the fringe of amber sun spilling
Over the horizon onto saffron sands?

I thought the repetition was interesting too. :) Love what you did with this!
Stunning post! What a creative and touching way to capture waiting for the Lord to act. I especially loved this:

"The orchestral din of reverberated nothingness,
The clashing cymbal of thought upon anxious thought--
One more quick look--
Can it be the fringe of amber sun spilling
Over the horizon onto saffron sands?"

Thanks so much for sharing Elizabeth! Great to "meet" you!
Darla Wherry said…
Beautiful Elizabeth! I felt my head turning from left to right. Looking. Watching. Waiting. Just beautiful.

thank you.
Debbie Petras said…
Beautiful insights on watchman. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Blessings and love,
S. Etole said…
Beautifully done.

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