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Missing All of You

Yea, so I am really missing all of you and missing writing, photography and blogging.

 I am doing so much better physically. Have quit going to PT but trying to do it here at home.

Was doing really good until the last couple of days.

 I've got to be better disciplined in that area again so I will not lose all the gains I have made.

 They are certainly a gift from God.

Today is my husband's birthday--one of the things I have added to our home (during this redecorating etc.) is a chalkboard.

Hopefully, I will get a picture of his happy birthday chalkboard posted in the next day or two.

The chalkboard is not nearly as big as I had originally intended but I do think it is more practical.

I can handle taking it off the wall to design on it and I wouldn't be able to with a larger one.

We have ordered some furniture which has not arrived--8 weeks and counting--I did not want getting rid of the old furniture and receiving the new to overlap so we went ahead and got rid of the old…

T.J. Maxx, Shopping Carts & Total Embarrassment

So you guys, I am getting better with my health challenges and I go shopping at T. J. Maxx last week.  PLEASE DO NOT SCROLL DOWN BEFORE YOU READ--SPOILER ALERT!

By the way, if you are able to go shopping, please remember to thank God for it.  It has been several months since I have been able to shop.

So, I find a great buy on a large wicker basket that will BARELY fit in to the shopping cart and does NOT want to come out when I get to the cash register.  Just kidding they don't really have cash registers anymore but you know what I mean.

So the checker reaches over the counter and scans it and I proceed to pay for my purchase and start out the door knowing that I was not strong enough to carry the basket all the way to the car.

So, (have I used that word before?) I get outside the store and the cart wheels lock up.  I remember trying to get the basket out of the cart at the check out counter and decide I only wanted to punish my back with that chore ONE time--and that being when …

Annie Sloan, Texture Tuesday, & Some Good News

My husband came home from the grocery store the other day with white tulips in hand. There's not many things prettier than white tulips to me.

The first picture is textured with Kim Klassen's Just A Touch 2, soft mode at 14%.

The 2nd an 5th picture contains a peek at some of our work the past few weeks (mostly my husband's) that involved Annie Sloan chalk paint.   Just a  couple more weeks before the big reveal--well, big to us--We hired a decorator (a very good friend of ours)--someone we knew could pull off what I really wanted to accomplish.  In other words, she can read my mind and knows what I want but don't know how to totally put together.

We have lived in our present house for eight years but it has never felt like home to me.  After retirement, relocating to another state, four moves, building a house that we sub-contracted ourselves, I was worn out when we moved here and didn't spend much time placing things--I just kinda threw things on the wall.

And …