T.J. Maxx, Shopping Carts & Total Embarrassment

So you guys, I am getting better with my health challenges and I go shopping at T. J. Maxx last week.  PLEASE DO NOT SCROLL DOWN BEFORE YOU READ--SPOILER ALERT!

By the way, if you are able to go shopping, please remember to thank God for it.  It has been several months since I have been able to shop.

So, I find a great buy on a large wicker basket that will BARELY fit in to the shopping cart and does NOT want to come out when I get to the cash register.  Just kidding they don't really have cash registers anymore but you know what I mean.

So the checker reaches over the counter and scans it and I proceed to pay for my purchase and start out the door knowing that I was not strong enough to carry the basket all the way to the car.

So, (have I used that word before?) I get outside the store and the cart wheels lock up.  I remember trying to get the basket out of the cart at the check out counter and decide I only wanted to punish my back with that chore ONE time--and that being when I start to unload it at my car.

SO, I decided not to try to change carts and just try best I can with the contrary one--may I say VERY contrary one--may I just say the very most contrary cart I have ever tried to push in my life?!

SOOOOOO, here I am pushing as hard as this old body would let me push--(Just imagine an old grey haired lady, bent over, barely able to walk, pushing with all her might--not a pretty sight).

What I did learn was that IF I PUSHED the cart the opposite way of the way I wanted to go, that I could inch it there--every once in a while it would give just a little and then I would be running (ha ha) to catch up to it.

I did notice that cars were starting to stop and their occupants were looking at me with these really weird looks--people going to their cars would stop dead still in their tracks with their mouths gaping.

All the time I'm thinking--Oh, my physical therapist is really gonna believe this story!

Okay, okay, SO finally I get to my car, unlock it, and the panic horn starts to go off (man, I really need to get that little problem fixed)--and of course that brings more stares--

I proceed to tug, pull, twist and cuss the wicker basket out of that cart--just kidding, I did not cuss.

When I finally get the basket lifted just slightly out of the basket, I stop in midair with it and see this, which I am sure you have already figured out by now--but remember, it's been a while since I've been shopping and these things are new in our area AND I am totally unobservant in my old age and did not see it before I put the basket in.




I wish someone would help me figure out a moral to this story--surely, surely there is some redeeming value in here somewhere.  

Have a great week.


I went back later in the week--when checking out the clerk asked me--"didn't I help you a few days ago?" She, IN FACT, did not.

But my paranoid self tells me that all the checkers rushed over to the front door to look at this crazy woman trying to defy the laws of gravity and every rule of physics there ever was.

Laws of gravity?  Did I really just say that?  LOL

And then the manager came rushing over and said real concerned like, "ma'm (spelling) can I help you out with anything?"

I think I just figured out the moral.

Don't show your face in that store ever again or at least go in disguise.

Oh, the reason the wheels lock up??  The owner of the shopping center doesn't want to pay the high premium for insurance--lots of people suing these days when a buggy damages their car, I guess.

Panic horn?  really--what are those things called--?  Maybe security alert--I don't know--