Annie Sloan, Texture Tuesday, & Some Good News

My husband came home from the grocery store the other day with white tulips in hand. There's not many things prettier than white tulips to me.

The first picture is textured with Kim Klassen's Just A Touch 2, soft mode at 14%.

The 2nd an 5th picture contains a peek at some of our work the past few weeks (mostly my husband's) that involved Annie Sloan chalk paint.   Just a  couple more weeks before the big reveal--well, big to us--We hired a decorator (a very good friend of ours)--someone we knew could pull off what I really wanted to accomplish.  In other words, she can read my mind and knows what I want but don't know how to totally put together.

We have lived in our present house for eight years but it has never felt like home to me.  After retirement, relocating to another state, four moves, building a house that we sub-contracted ourselves, I was worn out when we moved here and didn't spend much time placing things--I just kinda threw things on the wall.

And because I have a little bit of decorating abilities, it was presentable to most people.  Nothing felt like it had been in the same place for more than a week or two, though, to me.

And I love a house that looks lived in, enjoyed for years on end--where things look like they might have been in the same spot for many, many years.  Our friend is really helping us capture this wish of mine.  And this wish of my husband's just because he loves me and knows it is a wish of mine.

We have purchased a few new items but most of this has been blood, sweat, and tears and lots and lots of paint--

I will have a post about using Annie Sloan paint soon.  I feel like we learned a few things that might help someone else who is thinking about trying it.

Now on to more important things--so much more important things--In my last post, I wrote about praying for my friend who was on a ventilator.  I joined a 24 round the clock, day in, day out, prayer vigil for her.  My time slot to pray was from 10:30 to 11:00p.m. at night.

In just a few days time, this became such a wonderful time spent alone with God.

She was taken off the ventilator yesterday.  Thank God!

Thank you so much to those of you who joined me in praying for her.  I appreciate your prayers more than you will ever know.

Love & Prayers,