To Try This Blog Thing Again or Not--That is the Question!

To try or not to try this one more time--that is the question. I know many who have given up their blogs and I was one of them for about a year.

 So,the pages of my life, huh? The pages of my life have been battered, torn, cried upon, tattered, ripped to pieces for the last almost six months.

 So am I down for the count--I don't think so--amidst the greatest griefs of my lifetime have come so many special blessings and it is those that I will choose to dwell on in my blog.

 Since I am retired I have the luxury of spending ample time with God and in His Word--I have filled a journal and half of another one in these last months.

 If it hadn't been for God, there is no way I could have survived this trial. What do people do without Him?

 I know there are those of you who have prayed for me and my family and for that I am so so grateful.

To others who have no clue what is going on in my life--we lost our 17 year old granddaughter January 1 of this year--to a disease that ravaged her precious body--its name--UC or ulcerative colitis.

We have also experienced some other heartbreak that I never in a million years could have foreseen but God is good and He has given us the will and determination to fight these spiritual battles.

Satan thought he had us down and would go ahead and finish us off--BUT GOD.......................

If you are going through the trial of a lifetime, I pray that you will hang in there and be blessed.

Hopefully as God sees fit I will be sharing some of my journey with you in the days to cone--the nuggets and down right boulders of truth He has shown me through His Word. 

I covet your prayers. Thank you for reading.


The painting above was done earlier this year and now has a new home in Clearwater Beach, FL.  It is symbolic to me of the quiet peace God has brought to my soul, spirit and heart over and over and over this year.