The Book of Mysteries by Jonathan Cahn

The devotional book I chose to use this year is The Book of Mysteries by Jonathan Cahn.  I can't EVEN begin to tell you just what it has meant to me or the knowledge I have gained from it.

A good friend of mine recommended it and I'm so glad I took her advice.  She is a "flipper-through-er."  In other words, she doesn't go in order, she just flips each day until she finds the devotional that seems to be meant for her that day.

I respect that way of doing things and with other normal everyday things, I am inclined more that way.  However, I usually go in order in a devotional book and that is what I have done with this one.

These devotionals are so good and so enlightening that I never miss one--and the ones for Sunday I read even if it is on Monday.  So most Mondays, I read two which is quite a treat.

I just have to tell you a little bit about today's.  It compares the trials, struggles, troubles, griefs, heartaches, heartbreaks to a weight lifter--a resistance trainer.  These weights make the lifter stronger.  The more he/she lifts, the stronger he/she gets.

I won't give away all the good stuff Cahn says, but suffice it to say I need to embrace the resistance.  I need to seek out that which will stretch me, grow me and strengthen me in the Lord.

Sometimes, I just want to throw the barbells down and quit trying--that is when I need to embrace the resistance the most, love the most, to rejoice, to choose joy anyway and yes, always to praise and give thanks in all things.

The barn doesn't have anything to do with anything.  I am an artist and it is one of my latest paintings for sale on Etsy.  I will add my Etsy website address in the next day or so but this site is not for selling paintings.  It is for glorifying God.  I just love to have some kind of colorful picture at the top of the post so that is why I added it.


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