Receiving With Open Hands

Do you ever find it hard to receive?

Sometimes we are more comfortable with giving than receiving.

My word for the year for 2018 was Receive. I want to be open to receiving all that God has for me with grace and mercy and love.

I want to be a conduit from which this great love of God can flow from God through me to His children with no hindrances whatsoever.

Today our pastor preached a powerful sermon.  I will include the link here if you would like to go listen and watch. I guarantee you it is worth your time and investment.

At the end of the sermon he asked us to open our palms before the Lord to give what we need to give back to God from the past and to receive from Him what we need to receive for the new year.

As my husband and I sat beside one another with our palms to the Lord, I wished I had had my phone camera ready to take a picture because my husband put his palm below mine supporting my hand and in essence saying to me that we would receive together in the spirit of one union before God.

Our relationship is not perfect – – it is flawed in many ways and we both make mistakes every day but after many years of marriage we still love one another and still know that God‘s way works the best and His way is when we are in union with each other and our God.

My prayer for you today is that you will open your hands to God and give up the old ways that are not good and receive help from Him to establish new things that are good for 2019.

We have one more day to finish to finish this year strong.