My Little Art Studio

Last week my husband and I heard a loud, loud crash in the middle of the night.  A cabinet that I was using to store a bunch of supplies fell over--there was stuff EVERYWHERE.

When I started to clean it up a couple of days later, something got in to me--I became a "mad" woman and I reorganized and rearranged and got my little studio more manageable and useful than ever.

So something very good came out of that little incident!

Thought you might want to see--The door in this picture opens into the bedrooms' hallway.  This room is actually intended as a fourth small bedroom.

I bought the wire wall hanging stuff at a place called Stack N Rack.

I have paper, pens and pencils, watercolors, acrylic paints, rulers, scissors, tape of all kinds, sketch pads--you name it--on this wall--

The Chinese Wall hanging is precious to me--I got it when I went to China several years ago and the writing on it is Psalm 42:1--one of my very favorite scriptures.  I got paint on it and tried to "fix" it--now I need to have it matted and framed to hide my blunder.

The "heart" canvas to the right was finished and then I decided I didn't like the heart and gessoed over it.  I did add it to "Counting My Blessings" if you would like to take a closer look at it--the picture is not real good though--a little blurry--

And this room is the only place I have to keep a tread mill so this is where it stays.

Right below the wire rack is a butler's cart that a neighbor gave me for a painting I did for her--I love it but don't have room for it in my dining room so made use of it here.

Closer look at the wire rack--

This wall looks different tonight--my sister was here today and took the big blue canvas. I love giving my stuff to family and close friends.

My trusty desk where I do a lot of my work--

This is a wall easel--good for painting very large canvases especially when I am painting backgrounds or placing calligraphy on a piece.  No, my toolbox doesn't normally sit out in the open--

This shoe bag holds a lot of supplies--mostly pens of all types and watercolor pencils--

If you want to be creative, try to carve out a little niche of some sort in your home.  A small corner will do--google it for ideas--everybody who creates needs a place where they can leave their stuff ready for instant access--at least if your life is like mine, you do.

Sure hope this inspires you to create one for yourself!

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord. 
 Col 3:23 NIV

© all photographs and text property of Dianne Hogue unless otherwise noted


Debbie said…
OK, first things first. This is the first time that I have come here since you changed your format that I have been able to even navigate it let alone make a comment. I was about to write you a note and tell you so when this page opened. Woohooo! I know the problem is totally on my end because I'm having other issues other places. HOPEFULLY this is an indication that what I'm doing on my computer to free up space is working.

Second, I'm convinced that God paved the way for me to open this one because one of my summer projects is redesigning a creative space for myself here. You used SEVERAL ideas that I had been running around in my head, and I love the way they turned out in your room. I'm even more inspired to do it now.

Third, I'm going to attempt to navigate some more if this posts and enjoy the posts that I've only been able to see through window shopping.

Sandy said…
You have created a really nice space for all of your creative endeavors! I like it and I'm so glad you gave us all a peek inside today! I would never have thought of using a shoe bag for supplies but that's so clever.
Maria said…
Hi Dianne! I love your new blog style!
Your art studio is fabulous! I love your cart ~ I just love vintage things and this is perfect for your studio! It makes it very cozy and warm.
Your artwork is amazing. I'm sure your family is so proud of your work ♥
I hope all is well with your family ~ I've been so busy this month closing out the year and learning about all the nonsense NY State has in store for teachers next year!
Thinking of you and wishing you God's beautiful Grace always,
~ Maria
Kitcat said…
Did you make the wall easel? It doesn't look like any I've ever seen for purchase but the design is one I would prefer
Hey Kitcat,

We bought that wall easel and for the lie of me I don't remember where. I would guess that we bought it at Cheap Joe's or Dick Blick. If I find one, I will provide a link. Sorry it took me so long to get back with you.

I'm just now getting back to my blog after quite a lengthy absence.


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