A Little More Art

When I told you that I was taking the month of June off from blogging, I had no idea that my blog would take the direction it has taken.

 I think I was letting the blog "get to me." --Feeling an obligation to write something uplifting and full of wisdom when I didn't always feel that I had something worthy to say to you.

Now don't get me wrong, I love to do this and there is no other calling (for me) I consider higher than writing something that would help you in your walk with Jesus--or help your faith level.

For you see, I take very seriously what I write here--I cherish everyone of you who are in the circle of my influence and yes, I do think when someone reads my blog that they are influenced one way or another--for good or not so good.

So I had every intention of not blogging PERIOD for the whole month of June--just regrouping and refreshing myself for you.

But, while I was regrouping, I started creating more and love to share that with you.  It doesn't take nearly the time that I was spending writing every day so that is why it may appear as if I was not totally above board with you.

Please forgive me.  I truly did not mean to mislead you.

Anyway, here are the two things that I created over the weekend.

I am still working hard on faces--so one is a sketch of Liz Taylor--I loved it when she wore those faux fur hats--to me, she is the prettiest human being who has ever graced the planet--I hope I did her justice here.

I love her left eye--I didn't do so good on her right one but I think I am making progress--

If you are interested in why I like the left eye and not the right one is this--to me her left eye looks more dimensional and gives you the impression there is a round eyeball in that socket.

The right one is flat and doesn't look realistic even though there are parts of it that I really like.

When I picked out the picture I would use, printed it off and then sat with a blank piece of paper, a pencil and an eraser, I felt totally incapable of drawing anything that even resembled her--it is amazing what a little "trial and error" can do--I erased A LOT!

The next picture I painted on Photoshop and I really like it--digital--no mess!

I am going to have it printed large and then put it on a canvas and see what happens!

Digital abstract art is something you either love or NOT.  I don't think there is any in between.  So don't feel bad if you don't like this.  

Anyway, hope your week is blessed and you know how to contact me if you need me.  I love all of you very much!

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