No Less Days

Isn't it interesting how sometimes we want time to slow down, to halt, to beckon us back and forth to the same moment--and other times we want time to fly, to say sayonara to this moment and hello to the next as fast as we can--the Sunday morning sermon that God surely meant for someone else--the waiting room while appointment is pending--the college class with the oh so boring lecturer for an instructor--

Today I am pondering: How can I slow down, how can I wait upon God?

As I sit and think about this, I wonder, "Lord, how do I wait upon you?--what do I do to ensure that I am conserving time for you to show yourself to me, time for me to commune with you, time for us to be together?"

Yes, there is always the morning time--time that I need, time that is heavy with desire for your validation upon my day, time that has become a lifeline for me. "But more than that, Lord, I want more than that. How do I wait upon you? Show me Lord. Please show me Lord. How do I wait for you?"

I think about the years that have passed so swiftly and my mind is pregnant with the weight of wanting to make every moment that I have left count--count, counting?

-----Anxious thoughts meander to an old classic hymn, Amazing Grace, and to last stanza--"When we've been there 10,000 years, bright, shining as the sun, we've no less days to sing Your praise than when we first begun." How long would I have to carry that thought before the full significance is birthed in my being?

For now I will relax and live this life you have given me. Will start my day with you--preparing old jar of clay to pour out mixture of divine love and mercy whenever and wherever you lead.

In the meantime, I will stay my mind upon You. Yes, I think that is what it means--slow down and wait for You. Not that I change my activities so much, but change my thinking.

I remember one of my favorite scriptures--Isaiah 56:3--Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee.

I will go about my daily chores, routines, hobbies, and volunteering with my mind stayed upon You--KNOWING that one day I will never have to be concerned about running out of time.

One day when hello and goodbye, now and then, yesterday, today, and tomorrow will have no distinction--

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elizabeth said…
Comments are on! My hubs preached about waiting on the Lord on Sunday, how we can't fly without it...they that wait on the Lord will renew their strength, they will mount up with wings like eagles!
Debbie said…
Well, first...
I'm obviously so behind that I didn't even know you had changed your blog name. Now I'm going to have to check my sideboard to see what it says there.

And I do know the urgent feeling to slow down and wait.

I also love the Isaiah passage you referenced.

I love that the Hebrew reads; He will keep him in peace, peace... shalom, shalom. It's that beautiful.

Calling out for shalom, shalom on behalf of you.
Anita Johnson said…
Oh Dianne,
Your blog looks beautiful...great post too, today I just wanted the day and the heat to pass. (o:

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