Weekend Worship in Pickensville, Alabama

We made a wrong turn not too far from Aliceville, Alabama and saw this beautiful old church off to our right.  It is in Pickens County and I'm pretty sure it was in Pickensville.  We didn't have to go back far--only a block or so.  It seemed that every time we made a wrong turn, we found an incredible old church.  How blessed can you be?

Remember when I went to North Carolina a couple of months ago?  This church is from that trip.

It didn't look like anyone was meeting at the church at this point in time but showed some signs of refurbishing--

On the outside looking in through a window--

Karen finally tried one of the doors and it was open--

This old attendance board brought back many memories--

This church is too beautiful to die--I pray that it will be revived inside and out--the souls and the physical plant--oh how I wish someone or a group would see the beauty in restoring this ole soul--

The old bell pull--

I pray that this old church will once again be filled with a group of lively worshipers who reflect God's glory and

point every one in their vicinity to the knowledge of Jesus, the One and Only True God.