Just a little update!

Looking out the chapel window at the Ranch--

Hi precious friends,
Wow!  Here I am well into retirement and the days seem to get busier and busier.  I know that cannot be but it does seem like it.

My husband and I traveled with Renewal Ranch to Tulsa, Oklahoma last weekend.  We had such a great time visiting with our son and his family who lives there.

We went in a day early to visit with them and then spent Saturday evening and Sunday with the guys from the Ranch and South Lakewood Baptist Church.

Thank you so much, Lakewood, for hosting us and being such a blessing to us.  Your hospitality was just off the charts.


 We are in the middle of a master bathroom remodeling--it was a spur of the moment kind of deal so we have been in a big mess dealing with "stuff everywhere" and out of place, sheet rock dust--all that goes into a remodeling job-- We are getting down towards the end of it so I'm looking forward to getting everything back in place again.

Tonight we attended prayer meeting at the Ranch--it is such a pleasure to have the chance to work with the guys there--I never dreamed God would give my husband and me such an awesome chance for ministry in the same location in our retirement years. God is so good.

I wish you could have heard some of the requests from the guys--so touching!

All my love,

To my prayer warrior friends--please help me pray for those listed at the bottom of the page under the page "Pray With Me."  Thank you ever so much.