Harvest Time

Harvest time--so much symbolism here--so much beauty--so much fullness, abundance just bursting at the seams.

 I've tried to add a touch of fall and harvest time to our home--thought you might want to take a little peek--PLUS, I don't think I'd ever shown you our family room after we finished painting the mantel white and the walls a golden color called Dromedary Camel (Sherwin Williams).

The paint color is really nice at all times of the day--light in the mornings, a little more medium looking towards mid-day and late afternoon--evenings it almost looks orange--just a little bit much if I had to look at it more than a couple of hours a day.

I really wish they would finish the tops of furniture even if it doesn't show--love this wintery looking arrangement--

One of my favorite pieces of furniture that we own--got it for almost nothing when my son had a wholesale furniture store--and the armoire next to it.

The paintings are mine--The family pic on this end has all 15 of us but this year it will be 17--Kailey got married and we are expecting a new grandson in December.

You can see in this picture how the white fireplace and mantel turned out.

The stuff in this white pitcher was in another arrangement with sunflowers--I divided it up and made two--the sunflowers are on top of the armoire.  White pitcher came from Target.

May all your carts overflow with His abundance,
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Nava said…
Dianne--I love that color--it reminds me a little of what I have here and there and it is warm and cozy. I love the golden glow and it goes great with those fall touches you have put around.
Mary B said…
Absolutely beautiful!!!
Sheila said…
...lovely, Dianne! I enjoyed seeing the photos of your home's new interior decor. Your husband must be so pleased with your beauty and your home's...love u!

Anita Johnson said…
So beautiful, Dianne! I love the warm colors, especially as winter approaches. Your artwork is stunning, so glad we dot to see a peek of what you do. (o:
Sandy said…
Your home is warm and welcoming, dear friend, just like you. Ever since I saw Layla (The Lettered Cottage) painting fireplaces and mantels white I have loved them. Yours is beautiful. I thought I had lots of family photos out, but you beat me! Love your home.
Love you~
Debbie said…
I love the color! I recently changed our den from a terra cotta (OK, orange, but terra cotta sounds better) to a wheat color. I love the transformation, but now what I lack are all the decorative accessories and pictures like you have. That place screams HOME. Love it.
Adoption Mama said…
Love all of it. You are a dear and your decor spreads forth that message. It is so homey and inviting!

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