Good Morning, Sunshine!

My daughter-in-law, Traci, and I went out of town this weekend to see her daughter, my granddaughter who is a student in her first year of college.

We had a couple of hours to spare Saturday morning while Katelyn was busy with some other obligations, and decided to run up to Bella Vista to see the Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel.  It is so quaint and beautiful.  If you are familiar with Holley Gerth, you might be interested to know she got married there a few years back.

I featured the chapel in a post a few years ago and in a comment she related that her wedding had taken place there.  It is a gorgeous place to get married.

This is right above the doors to the entrance.

Just after we entered--

 Believe it or not, Traci and I were standing at the end of a pew when this picture was taken.  The green teeth--Pay no nevermind--it was the quiche florentine we had for breakfast!

This picture was taken looking up and back towards the front entrance.

Looking back towards the entry doors--

My beautiful, inside and out, DIL, Traci, broke the rules--I almost couldn't talk her into it--and hopped over the red velvet thingie, like they have in movie theatres, to keep people off the platform.  She is standing in front of a glass panel.  Traci is a former school teacher and the Children's Minister at Immanuel Baptist Church, Little Rock, so she is a "rule follower."  lol  but I will break a few to get a really good picture.  No harm was done in the making of this picture and we were the only ones in there at the time.

Although on the way out we met a lady who told us she was getting ready to perform a wedding ceremony.  There were going to be two there that day--one morning and one afternoon. 

I was sick once again that I did not have my good camera with me and only had my IPhone to use.  Where is Anita when you need her?  I would have never done that a few years ago.  I'm slipping!

This was what greeted us on the way out.  Good morning, Sunshine!

Isaiah 18:4
This is what the LORD says to me: “I will remain quiet and will look on from my dwelling place, like shimmering heat in the sunshine, like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest.”

Hope your week starts out with much sunshine, especially sunshine of the soul.

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