The Force Is With Us!

I've had the most wonderful last few days.

Spent it in Tulsa with my youngest son and his wife and two daughters.

Ashton and I taking "selfies."

I got to go to doctor's appointment with my DIL and see the baby's ultrasound. It is so hard to believe what you are actually seeing--baby in the womb playing with his toes in front of his face, etc.

 These are his 4-D pictures from a few weeks ago--we only did 3-D when I was there.

That night we celebrated Noelle's 8th birthday at Zio's-

My husband worked three days on the nursery--painting it, putting up molding to highlight the baby's name which is James.

We went to Ricardo's--the best Mexican food place in the world--

watched our first Christmas movie of the season--

went to Russell Stover's candy store--

went to their church for Imagination Celebration which is their fall celebration for the kids.  The theme for this year was "SPACE."

Looks like some of the adults decided to participate.

I am probably the only human being in the Western hemisphere who hasn't seen the movie Star Wars.  I did a little research on Darth Vader and it looks as though there is a conflict of evil and a little bit of good in him.  Don't know if I have that exactly right so don't judge me please.

Anyway, I am so glad that the Force that is on my side is God--

We had a glorious time and came back by Conway to see one of our guys, Dustin, get baptized. That was a special treat.

We see great forces coming together over the northeastern portion of our nation today.  They cannot compare to the Force of God--Let us remember to call out to God for His mercy and grace and to save our nation once again.

We saw what the forces of nature did to New Orleans--our nation has been hit with some tremendous forces the last decade or so--911--we seem to turn to God for a short while and then when we turn away or get our minds on other things, we seem to turn further away from Him than we ever have.

God, help our nation to turn back to You once and for all and to remember that You are the Force of all forces, the Name above all names, the Lord above all lords--there is none like You--no, not one.

Loving all of you and missing you,

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