More Punkins

Have a great weekend praising the Maker, the Creator of all things--

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Anita Johnson said…
These are so beautiful I think I would have used artificial pumpkins! (o: (But I do love the shapes and sizes...fleeting beauty, just like the season!)
Sandy said…
Oooh, I like this one even better as it lets more of the orange of the pumpkin show through. Love how you've decorated with them.
Love you~
Debbie Petras said…
I love your pumpkins or punkins as you call them.
Pamela said…
Oh my...what beauty! I'm wondering if you painted the painting on your mantle. It'as a bit cold here in Ohio today. I'd love to pull a chair up to your fireplace and have a chat.
Karen said…
they are so pretty & vibrant! Love all the color ~ Marilyn told me that you have really been busy & feeling better. Have not been blog visiting in so long. Love to you! ~ Karen

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