Sunday Afternoon Drive

Last Sunday afternoon after church my husband and I drove out through the countryside. And even though we don't have the incredible colors that some places have right now, it was still beautiful. Won't you hop in the backseat and take a little trip with us?

Even the weeds were beautiful!

I took all of these pictures with my phone camera--makes me wonder what it would have looked like with my better camera.

Hope you enjoyed the ride,

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Rosario said…
beautiful pictures,I liked the one were you see your reflection in the window.
Sandy said…
Very pretty. Kim and I are going this afternoon on the parkway again to admire God's coloring of the leaves.
Debbie said…
You and I are so obviously kindred souls! I am always drawn to the same types of things that you are.

I loved your comment about even the weeds being beautiful.

I have been SO absent for so long in blog land that it's really good to have the time this morning to catch up. You were one of my first stops, and I'm so glad I did.
Susy said…
These images are so peaceful ~ and they're really excellent for a camera phone. The one of the small pond made me think of Ps. 23. Thanks for bringing us along ~ I don't have anything like that here! xo
Adoption Mama said…
I want to be there NOW!!! So beautiful!
scarborough2 said…
Thanks for the ride! I see you get your hubby to stop for churches, too~ Loving the memories of being with you and Karen on the NC trip - longing for the next one.

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