The Men of Renewal Ranch

First of all, I just have to say that I was NOT the photographer for these pictures. I got one of the residents, Josh, to take them for me. He is an incredible photographer having sold some of his work in the past.

Oops!  Looks like I lost one in class today.

Ummmmmmm............let's see now, Chase, would you just kindly lean over a little bit and

tap Bro. Loy on the shoulder?

Good job--now back to the lesson!
I didn't really say that but it seemed to go well with the pictures--smile!
He is also a very good sport about getting kidded--Love you, Bro. Loy!

And in his defense, he is one of our older residents and has had some sleep problems.  He is so kind and soft spoken--all the guys love him and look up to him so much.  He was due to graduate last Saturday but his daughter had some serious health issues and had to be hospitalized.  Of course he wanted to postpone his graduation to a date when she would be able to celebrate with him.

Michael, Dave, Shawn, Paul, Jordan and Tanner--

Bill, Michael, Dave and Shawn--

Doug, Billy Ray, Bill and Michael--

Cooper and Stephen--

Stephen, Ryan, Loy, and Chase--

and Trevor--somehow we missed Dustin but he got baptized this past Sunday night so I will put a picture of him then.  Sorry, Dustin.

I love the way they hang around after class messing with my stuff (sunglasses, etc.) and just generally having lots of fun.  This is Josh, Chase and Michael--

Our bunkhouse was built for six guys--then we decided to double them up in their bedrooms and we had twelve--Now the chapel, also the classroom that you see in this picture has now become home to about four and we have two sleeping on the sofas in the living room.

If you look to my right in the pictures above, you will see "mattresses."  That is what they are sleeping on and they are grateful for that.  Our program is FREE to all the residents--Jesus paid the price.

You can read more about Renewal Ranch here.

If you are a millionaire and would like to build a new bunkhouse for us, just email me and I can arrange everything or get someone who can.❤  Or if you just have $5 and want to share it, your gift is just as important❤❤ OR if you want to read about our guys and pray for us, your gift is the most valuable of all--the gift of prayer--thank you!❤❤❤

Love these men more than words can say.  Thank you Lord for the privilege of getting to share Your Word with them.

Would you like to share your thoughts or your heart with me? My contact information is listed in the upper right of the sidebar. Please feel free to email me. I love hearing from you and cherish the friendships I have made through blogging. 

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Karen said…
Dianne, let me first say I am excited you are able to share God's Word with these guys. But, I must say as I scrolled through the pictures (love the ones where the sun is streaming in)my heart was touched, thinking each one has a story. I pray the ministry continues to grow & the Lord will notify that "millionaire". ~when I first saw you in the picture & saw the object to your left & got excited! I just knew you had started art lessons with the guys. :-) You just might be surprised what those guys have inside of them!
Dianne said…
Oh my, Karen, that is such a confirmation of what is in my heart --the art lessons--as of yet that has not become a reality although several have expressed interest in it--we have one guy who is a published photographer and a sculptor.

So far we do not have a place suitable to paint but hopefully one day in the near future-----

Yes, you would not believe the stories each of these guys have--it is so amazing to sit and listen to them--I love to just hang out with them whenever I am not teaching--

You would not believe how many of them have lost friends to overdoses--sometimes they have several friends who have died as a result of drugs--Satan is having a field day with our young people (older ones also) and we need desperately to turn things around.

Thank you for your well wishes and prayers. Love you

Sandy said…
Very sweet and endearing post, Dianne. Each one of these men is so precious to Jesus and you are precious for all you are doing with and for them. I pray for them regularly. I think they would experience so much joy in art classes with you. Hope it happens soon. Of course, nothing is more important and life-giving than studying the Word of God.
Love you~
Dianne said…
But we could do both--smile and with just a few lessons, it could be something they could do in the evenings or whenever they have a little spare time--not that they have much--!!

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