Is Your Faith Showing?

Yesterday I posted some pictures taken from my class at Renewal Ranch.  Today I wanted to share with you a little of what we talked about and learned.

I visited a local church's library on Monday looking for suitable material to aid in the teaching of our residents.

I came across a a book and dvd study called When God's People Pray by Jim Cymbala.  Jim is pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York.  He has been pastor there for about 30 years.  Under his pastorate they have grown from under 30 members to 16,000.

They have a Tuesday night prayer meeting every week that is the lifeblood of their church.  Pastor Cymbala states that he would rather be at that service than any of the others throughout the week.

'Our God loves us deeply and longs to be in a relationship in which we receive the spiritual and physical blessings he wants to give us. We, as individuals and as churches, suffer great loss when we fail to ask God for these blessings. 
These blessings can change our lives, invigorate our churches, transform our communities, and even alter the course of history! Best of all, they are available to every believer and every church if we will only pray for them in faith and obedience."  Jim Cymbala

God says that His house shall be called a house of prayer--not of preaching, not of singing, but a house of prayer.  Sometimes I wonder if we as Christians are making sure that His house is a house of prayer.

Also, Pastor Cymbala reminded me that the disciples asked, "Teach us to pray, Lord."  They didn't ask for him to teach them how to preach or how to minister but how to pray.

The main teachings for this first lesson were:
  • God is rich in mercy to all who call on Him
  • Prayer is the evidence of true faith
  • God answers prayer
  • Life's problems remind us to call on God
  • No place to go but God

I especially loved the second one--Prayer is the evidence of true faith and where you find faith, you find praying people.

That really convicted me because I admit, I have grown lax in my praying for my country thinking that we have sunk as low as we can go, that nothing can stop the headlong spiraling into the deepest recesses of sin--

But that is what satan wants me to believe--he not only wants to lead us into sin but he visits the sins of hopelessness and despair upon Christians so that we won't pray and thereby move the hand of God.

Take a look at the last one--No place to go but God--how many times have you heard a Christian brother or sister lament in a sad dejected tone that "all I can do about it now is pray."  

We tend to forget or overlook at times that prayer is our greatest resource and is the most effective thing we can do.  It needs to be our first response, not our last resort.

So far this study has been like an "intravenous shooting up of the Holy Spirit through my being."  I am finding myself longing to pray more than ever.

Have you ever given serious thought to your prayers changing the course of history?  Hey friend, it can happen.

Through faith and obedience, it can happen!

Hope your weekend is blessed.  


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elizabeth said…
I loved "meeting" the guys at R.R. on your last post. Sounds like a great Bible study. I'm currently teaching a Precept study, "Lord, Teach Me to Pray in 28 days". It's a great study, and a perfect "short" one to squeeze in before the holidays.
Debbie said…
Where you find faith, you find praying people.

I loved that one.

I do believe that prayer can change history. More than that, I believe it changes ME. The best thing about my husband being out of work for a month was that we had the time to linger together in prayer every single day. It is the most life changing thing to linger in prayer with a man of faith.
Dianne said…
Hey Elizabeth, I will have to check out the prayer study you mentioned. Precept material is always good!

And Debbie, I love what you sai, "I do believe that prayer can change history. More than that, I believe it changes ME. "

Yes, sometimes we take more prayer to change than the course of history--how insightful!
Sandy said…
I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't go to the Lord every day, several times a day, to pray. Prayer is my lifeline. This post has so many good quotes and points I want to copy into my journals. I have enjoyed Pastor Jim for a while now.
God bless all the guys at RR as they study with you.
Love you~
Dianne said…
Thank you dear Sandy--please continue to pray for us--love you--
Ruth said…
You have challenged me. Our church has a Thurs. night prayer meeting that I haven't committed to going to yet. I am pondering your thoughts that God's house isn't called any of a number of things, but a House of Prayer. May God stir me not to just thinking but to actually take advantage of the opportunities to pray. How we, our country, the world needs his intervention and he chooses to act when his people pray.
Thanks for sharing.
Anita Johnson said…
Like Elizabeth wrote, I too have done the "Teach me to Pray", study. Learning about prayer has changed so much about my life as a Christian. And "Amen" to your comment about, "all I can do is pray"...yes, we can pray, boldly, to the Rock of our Salvation. Love the RR post too.

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