All Came Home

All of our precious guys returned safely "home" to Renewal Ranch last night.  God truly is with us.

 If you joined us in prayer for them as they celebrated Thanksgiving with their families and friends, I want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Our hearts were made glad as we welcomed all of them back and had a wonderful night of reunion and decorating the bunkhouse.

We also have added two new guys--David and Shawn--I ask for your prayers for them.

Watching God work at RR is an almost daily breathtaking adventure--we get to see miracle after miracle as God is saving these men from a life of despair, desperation and destruction.

If your life today is in the throes of despair and desperation, I pray that you will turn simply to Jesus with a sincere heart and ask Him to help you.  It amazes me just how much God is anxiously waiting for us to turn to Him so that He can help us.

Come to Him simply but sincerely--fix your eyes on Jesus and commit to serving Him with your whole heart and life--God does not play games--He knows our deepest motives and He will not "be used."  Your life will never be the same again when you daily commit it to Him.

Follow your commitment with daily prayer and Bible study--find some other believers who will support you in your endeavor to walk daily with God--I understand that this can be quite challenging for my foreign readers who live in countries where you cannot openly worship Jesus Christ.

But God is faithful--ask Him to lead you to other TRUE believers in the ONE, TRUE God and He will help you.  He is faithful!

Sharing God's love,