Overwhelmed By His Love

We traveled for 2.5 hours to the north Arkansas town of Melbourne. There is a town close by by the name of Sydney. Really makes you wonder. I need to do some research on that.

 One of our residents, Chase,  is from Melbourne. We were going to visit his home church. He was supposed to speak and was a little nervous. Sometimes it is harder for the guys to speak in front of all those who know them than to strangers.

We finally arrived but I forgot to take a picture of the outside of his church.

One of our residents, Lee, and I visiting before service began.

Ryan preparing to minister through song to the congregation of Bellview Baptist Church.

This is Cooper, one of our newer residents giving his testimony.  He is from Batesville which is about 45 minutes away.  His mom and step dad came so we got to sit and visit with them at lunch.  He quoted Psalm 40--take a look at it--it is not a short chapter.

This is Chase.  He gave his testimony and then quoted 20 or 30 verses--I didn't count but it was a lot.  Both his mom and I cried all the way through them I think.  It was great to see Chase's family--mother, father, grandparents, aunt, sister and brother.  Forgive me if I left anyone out.

This is my granddaughter, Kailey and her husband of almost two months--Josh.  Josh graduated from the Ranch last February.  Kailey met him there.  Josh gave his testimony at the Izard County Detention Center where we went for a service after the church service and lunch.

Finally, after two glorious services and a great lunch, we start home.

Of course, it's not very long before break time.  This is Michael--he's getting close to graduation--

Billy Ray--oh my, I love these guys--

Josh--our resident photographer--and Trevor, our resident rapper.  Yes, he rapped at the service and it was great!

Sweet Loy!--our oldest resident--

And Paul--He is an assistant bunkhouse leader and is doing a great job!

Here's Chase and Dustin behind him.  Chase is an awesome basketball player and Dustin can make a guitar talk.  These guys are so talented it will blow your mind.
The other van full of guys parked on the other side of the store so I didn't get pics of them.

And our newest residents, Tanner and Jordan--welcome to Renewal Ranch guys--we love you already!

Hope you enjoyed tagging along on our trip.  

Overwhelmed by His love,

By the way, the trees were about a week past their peek--but still so pretty--Chase's grandmother has lived there for 39 years and she said it was the prettiest fall they had ever had--too bad we missed it by a week!

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Pictures 8, 9, 12, 19, 20 by Josh