Majesty-Worship His Majesty

Here is a new canvas I have started--have NO clue where it will end up--but thought you might want to see the progression of it--I am liking it so far--I think I will probably throw some black paint on it and then place some more formal calligraphy in places here and there.  Oh, how I love to experiment!

I was using a Masquepen for the first time and this is a tall canvas--you can tell that my handwriting changed in the middle of it SO I will have to do something to detract from that feature.

Unto Jesus be all honor, glory and praise!

It will be a few days before I have a chance to work on it again but I will try to remember to keep you posted on its progression.

In the meantime, have an awesome weekend and may His Kingdom Come!

Loving You,

© all photographs and text property of Dianne Hogue unless otherwise noted


elizabeth said…
I love it, my friend! I thinks it's gorgeous and wish I had your talent! :)
I also wanted to let you know how wonderful it is to read of the changed lives at Renewal Ranch, and to read of how God is using you in the process.
Sandy said…
It's really beautiful, Dianne. I love the fire-y look of it, very autumn like.
Hope Dree is doing well. Almost baby time!
Anita Johnson said…
Oh my goodness, you are so talented! Oh how I wish we had you on our "Creative Design Team" at church. This would be so beautiful to see when we walk into our sanctuary...please show us your finished piece even though I think this is STUNNING the way it is!
Barb said…
You're so talented, Dianne. But what drew me to you was the CHRIST reflected in your words, kindness, compassion, and love. I have a feeling that God smiles whenever he hears your name. I know that I do.
Love you.
Susy said…
It looks wonderful to me just like it is! Not only are you artistic but you have beautiful handwriting as well. And you're beautiful inside and out. Okay I'll stop (: xo

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