Getting to Know a Daffodil

When we take the time to really get to know someone up close and personal

We find there are so many beautiful things about them that we never knew--

They might even have little idiosyncrasies or interesting curly-ques to their personality
we've never noticed before--

They may be shy, cover their face and blush profusely,

Or they may be the dramatic type and love lots of attention--

But any way we look at it,
It's a cinch they will add beauty and light to our lives
If we look hard enough.


© all photographs and text property of Dianne Hogue unless otherwise noted

Macro photos made using Kenco Automatic Extension Tubes added to the lens I use
loaned to me by a precious friend--thank you dear friend!



Patty Sumner said…
Dianne, that is a wonderful analogy!! I soo enjoyed every word and the great pics. Blessings!
Shauna Okongo said…
No truer words...we all carry a story, some buried deeper than others. Beautifully written. Love the photos that go with it.
Brandee Shafer said…
I have a feeling there's nothing casual about you! What a charming post! Beautiful images!
elizabeth said…
Lovely! Yours is the second post I've read in recent moments on really seeing people.
Sandy said…
Yes, you know I do think I know you, and quite well. Are you aware that the name "daffodil" means new life, new beginnings? My life changed when I met you three years ago. I have always loved these sweet and lovely flowers. They just seem to show up so suddenly in the yard, sometimes on the darkest and coldest day you look out the window and there they are. Seemingly, appearing overnight! Daffodils are a sign of God's love for us, in my opinion. He brings them in cold dark weather right before He is about to unleash a glorious spring...a little hint of what's to come. They are a joy and so are you!
happygirl said…
Beautiful words along with beautiful pics.
Jennifer Dougan said…
It's lovely. Thanks. :)

Nice to meet you. I'm hopping over from the Imperfect Prose link up.

Jennifer Dougan
S. Etole said…
Oh yes .. these are beauties. Daffodils were my mother's favorite flower.

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